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Typical Roof Problems

Water Overflow

Dirt and debris collects in the valley. It creates a dam behind the tiles causing water to over-flow onto the underlayment.

Rotting Underlayment

Water has ponded behind these batten causing complete failure of the roofing felt (notice right above the batten).

Moisture Stains

The water-stained areas can be clearly seen here. Ponding behind battens causes damage to a large portion of the felt underlayment.

Double Felted

You can see by the lap on the underlayment, the roof was double felted. Some people believe that double felting a tile roof will protect it. This roof is only 7 years old. Double felting has failed here very quickly.

Exposed Sheathing

The felt underlayment is the last line of defense. Once the underlayment fails, moisture makes its way into the house.

Damaged Sheathing

Once water gets under the felt underlayment, the sheathing begins to fail. The water will make its way to a seam and then into the house.

Internal Damage

The felt in this picture has been rotting away for some time. The axe shows where the sheathing has completely rotted away. This can become very, very expensive:

  • Internal dry rot
  • Rotting sheetrock
  • Mold
  • etc.


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