Battens Plus


New Construction or Repairs

Battens Plus plastic roof battens are used on new construciton projects or in use on tile roof repairs.  BattenUPTM roof battens are the best option for increasing the life of the roof by providing drainage, ventilation and decreased mold and mildew concerns

Using Typical Wood Battens

Using Typical Wood BattensTrapped water can cause major structural damage.  If the battens allow water to pond, moisture will penetrate through leaks and nail holes.  Water can get under the roof system.  Depending on the severity of the leak, roof sheathing and underlayment will rot, follwed by damage to the interior of the structure.  Eventually, mold may appear and continue to grow.

Moisture intrusion is one of the leading causes of structural damage.  Dry rot, mold and mildew problems are caused when the building envelope is not properly drained or ventilated.

Problems at Gables

Water can get under the rake tiles. It then gets caught on the battens and travels inward:

Gable Problem Before

Repaired with BattenUpTM roof battens:

Gable Problem After


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